Interview with Daniel Hubmann

Today my guest is one of the best orienteer of all time, Daniel Hubmann.  Daniel has 28 world championships medals but what makes him special is that he won these medals at different distances which requires to perform extraordinary level over the years. If you know Daniel even for a little, you can see that it is not only success but exemplary behavior that makes him one of the most recognized orienteers in the world. As an athlete who takes him as an example, this feature is the one that affects me the most. I would like to thank Daniel for taking his time to answer my questions. I hope you enjoy !
I would start by asking you to introduce yourself. Who is DanielHubmann?

I’m a 37 year old orienteer from Switzerland. Since 15 years I’m a professional athlete and I have a family with two kids. I’m training hard to reach my goals, but I believe having fun is also a key on the way to success.

How did you meet Orienteering and why did you become “addicted” to this sport?

I started orienteering because of my uncle. From the beginning I loved the challenge out in the nature.

 Is there any specific factors that are key to your continous success over the years?

That’s a hard question. There are many things which you need to do the right way, but I have to name one key it’s the continuity. It’s the work you do day by day, over months and years.

What’s your strength and weakness as orienteer?

I think one of my strengths ist to perform good when I feel the pressure. In my opinion it’s all about building a good and stable level of self confidence. If I realize a weakness I keep a special eye on that during training.


We all know that analysis is the big part of improvement in orienteering.  What are the basis of your analysis? 

My analyses are based on facts maily, i.e. GPS and split times. Good split times gives me a good feeling and a better self confidence. Sometimes I ask myself, if I could have had pushed more to that control. Or if I would have been possibe to hit the flag even straighter.

Typically, how is your training routine ? Are you training traditional swiss way?

My training is based on the typical swiss philosophy. When I’m at home I’m focussing mainly on physical training. The intervall days are always the hardest ones and I’m always thankful when it’s done.

If you could like to take the time back to junior years, what are the things that you would like to do different. You think the changes you would like to do, would make you even better orienteer?

I would travel more around to visit different terrain types. Maybe even go to Scandinavia for a longr period to develop as a mapreader in those terrains. Then I would also work harder on my ground speed, in order to be a really fast track and field runner too.

What is next goal for you? Do you have smth inside of you that still you didnt achive in orinteering?

Because WOC2020 is cancelled, my next goal is still far away. I guess it will be World Champs next year. To win an other WOC gold medal is my dream.

We all know that orienteering is an individual sport but Can you explainus the importance of outside factors (sponsors, national team, your coach, family etc..) in your success? 

Since many years I can count on a very supportive environment. Some sponsors started supporting me before I came World Champion and they are still here to help me. Same with coaching people and my family. I believe it’s really important to feel well, otherwise it’s hard to perform good over a long period of time.

Now a days we all go through a difficult times, how do you turn this situation into an opportunity as an experienced athlete?

Yes, it’s a hard time. To be honest, I miss the pressure big competitions bring along. For young athletes it can be a chance to work on something specific. But I wanted to compete this year. But now the big motivation is missing and I take it easy at the moment. Hopefully I’ll be back with fresh motivation after all this is over!


Now we are moving to quick answers part;

  • Biggest achievement in your career? World Champion in Sprint, Middle, Long and Relay
  • Your biggest wish? Staying healthy
  • Your motto ? No pain – no gain
  • Favorite distance? Sprint
  • Favorite map and race? Irbene, EOC Long distance 2008 Latvia
  • Unforgettable race? Many or none
  • Favorite orienteering country? Finland
  • Your ıdol? None
  • Except for orienteering, your favorite team and sport? None
  • Hobbies? Doing some handyman work, photography and filming
  • 10mila or Jukola? Jukola
  • Swiss mountains or finnish marshes? Swiss mountains
  • Tights or orienteering pants? O-pants
  • Formal or casual? Casual
  • Summer or Winter? Summer !

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