Interview with Arturs Paulins


Here is the interview with Arturs A race in Estonia made us meet and our friendship continúes since that day. Thanks so much to Arturs for taking the time to answer my questions. I look forward to the day we meet again, Garais.

I would start by asking you to introduce yourself. Who is Arturs Paulins ?

I am Arturs Paulins, ı am 31 years old, ra professional orienteer from Latvia. Aiming high in sport, I still believe that ı am a century away from my maximum potential –  best version of me as orienteer.

How did you meet Orienteering and why did you become “addicted” to this sport?

 I met orienteering in 1st class, I were 7 years old, my sport teacher was addicted to orienteering. So since that, I have never left orienteering.

When we analyse your career we see that your speciality ın orienteering turns from sprint to long distance. What is the reason that you evolved from city to forest? 

Yes, its true. The overall results still not making me super satisfied or happy. In start of my career in elite it was only one option to get to WOC – by running sprint, so I was focusing on sprint. Mainly my life time goal as a sprinter were WOC -2018 in homeground. I was like a minute too slow to fight for the medal, somehow on 4-5 years trainings I my body reached it’s speed limit. I couldnt get faster then 3min/km. So the forest seems a logical focus now. 

What is the most difficult period of your career and how did you overcome it.?

Those difficult periods come all the time…. I would say that after WOC -2018. I was thinking a lot, I had no motivation. But on that time I had a very great girlfriend, who helped me to get over my demons and also other problems in my life. I think I will always will be thankfull to her, she put my mind on right way. 

What is your strategy in covid time?

My strategy is to train more then others and mainly to fix my body, be healthy and be ready for hard trainings starting from the new year. 

What do you think you did differently from other athletes all these years? 

I guess I have been trained very very much those years, so I have incredible base and expierence with me. Of course still I have to build my body for the best performance of me. Now I dont need to train that much, just need to put more and more quality staff on the table. 

What keeps you going in orienteering?

I love to  move fast and make a direct decisions, be own king with the map. And of course I am very competitive. 

Could you tell us something about your training routine ? 

Im quite basic guy, my typical week in the winter would be – two interval trainings, some good tempo, one long run on hilly roads around 2h 30min. Others just base stuff, last two years I am doing a lot alternative trainings as biking and exercising. I try to do everything I don’t like to do, thats were we can gain the most.

How do you work on your mental approach to orienteering? Are you offensive or defensive orienteer ?

For most important races I have some approach. I try to get the most info what I can get about the race. I made my race plan with different ways then I will do my orienteering step by step. I would say, that I am defensive orienteer, I like to run safe as possible, I would never take any extra risk. But I can be also offensive but it only happens when I am on top shape physically , mentally and I feel the terrain very well. Also when ı run  relays, when we run around others – I find my self as offensive orienteer.

What’s your strength and weakness as orienteer? 

My weakness is my physical shape, I always dream to be faster runner. But for the long distance I am already okay physically. Problem is to show speed on the middle distance. My strength is my mind, I feel when I nead to turn ON. I am also quite crazy out there in the forest  – I can do crazy things – being very aggresive and motivated.

You have seen that orienteering has evolved in many directions through out your career. How do you see the future of orienteering, would it be an olympic sport? 

I do not see Orienteering as Olympic sport, because if it will become, then it will be more about others things, not navigation in the forest. The main part will start to be money question – people will start to search options how to know the terain very well, how to know courses before the race – there would be a lot cheating and black things. I think orienteering must become a main amatuer sport in all countries bringing more and more people to forests and closer to nature. 

Have you got any tips to those who are starting now in Orienteering, the youngsters?

The main thing is to TRY. Orienteering brings so much things in the life. Its not about elite sport and results based but its also about the way of living. Orienteering gives – friends, travelling, many contacts, also it develops you as a persons. But if one day you decide that you want to go all in for orieteering – you must understand its a long term decision, nothing comes fast. Step by step, day by day. 

What are your most valuable skills?

My valuable skills would be –  I can make a very fast decisions, I have good map memory and on my flow, I am very accurate map reader

Now we are moving to quick answers part;

Biggest achievement in your orienteering career ? 20th place in woc 2017 long distance

Except for orienteering, your favorite team and sport ? Kaunas ZALGIRIS, basketball

Favorite distance ? Long Distance

Favorite map and race ? Its my home terrain – „Kapusils”

Favorite o-country ? I love Finland. So all maps there

Most unforgettable race ? The day I become baltic champion on long distance 2018. It was increadible race and I did like 110% of me that day, I will always remember that day.

Your ıdol ? I dont have really anyone super big idol. I would mention Ahmet Kacmaz. For his very very fast learning, still as 35 years old, he is very talanted. I like to learn from him physicall things – how to become faster on roads.

Hobbies ? I like to do different kind of active things – walking, exploring, sometimes working.

Favorite training type ? Long intervals. My special training 5*8min/4min

Sprint or Long ? Long sprint 🙂

10mila or Jukola ?  Jukola

First start or Last start ? First start

Tights or orienteering pants? Orienteering pants

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